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Learn French: French for Children - English-French Dictionary WordReference.com

French for Children - English-French Dictionary WordReference.com
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activity - adventure playground - boogeyman - breeder - British bulldog - brood - busing - child - child labor - child psychiatry - child psychology - Child Support Agency - child welfare - child-friendly - childcare - childless - childminder - childminding - childproof - children's book - children's librarian - children's menu - children's wear - clown - cowboys and Indians - crossing guard - daycare center - daycare facility - divided custody - dress up - empty nest - empty nest syndrome - fairytale - family - fertile - ferule - fighting - finger paint - foursquare - governess - half - have - hide-and-go-seek - hokey pokey - homeschooling - hopscotch - immediate family - infant - it - jeering
French for Children - English-French Dictionary
enfance - à la portée des enfants - avoir des enfants à charge - avoir la garde des enfants - bonne nuit les petits - classe - confier des enfants à qqn - demi-place - droits de l'enfant - enfantin - enfants d'Israël - entrée gratuite pour les enfants - faire des enfants - goûter d'anniversaire - ne pas laisser à la portée des enfants - papa gâteau - pataugeoire - petits et grands - pour les grands et les petits - rayon enfants - sans enfant - toboggan

French for Children - English-French Dictionary
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'Children hate to be talked down to.'
'do we take care enough of our children
(adult) children
(Children's) Party Leader

a charity for children who are in danger of abuse
a day celebrating children
a day's supply of children's clothing
a large amount of what children watch on tv is in fact advertising and not educational programmes
A lot of French people have children.
a parent who has fun with their children
A school specialising in the care of disabled children
a study of a particular sleep phenomenon in children
a suicide bomber was holding children hostage
abuse makes the children lose trust
accommodate bookings with children

adorable little children look
Adult/children's edition.
advertising and marketing to children
All grown-ups were children first (but few remember it).
All the children dress up in their best clothes
an authoritative figure who must be respected by his children and his servants
Another interactive children’s center with a twist
Arrangement for Children
arts and crafts for children
As a parent with small children knows
as children
as children grow up
As many as 12 children
at the birth of the royal children, including Henry's
Babies and Children Community Health Care Programs
French for Children - English-French Dictionary
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